Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Very Vampire Party (Part 1) The Cake

 We were invited to a party, a vampire party to be correct, and we were also told to bring red food. So after a lot of thinking about what to make we decided that we were going to make a vampire cake. I got the recipe from the cookbook Organic and Chic By Sarah Magid which is one of my favorite cookbooks. Me and my mom decided that were going to make a Red Velvet Cake.

                                                                   Very Red
                                We got the idea for the donuts holes for the eyes from the book
                                            What's New Cupcake. Very Creative!!!!!
                                                            Making the fangs longer
The finished project
                                                        And that was my first cake.

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  1. That looks awesome! I am so flattered! hope it was delicious. Looks very vampirish and cool. You could really make a career out of this, watch out!